RL Films is engaged in the production of a documentary film that explores the substantial contributions Al Capone made to the promotion of jazz music in the 1920’s.  Thousands of hours of thorough research has revealed a uncommonly known aspect of Capone, his love of jazz music. A serious study of how jazz music blossomed in Chicago in the early twentieth century illustrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that Al Capone was a central figure in this occurrence.

Capone's Treasure of the Heart

Music was evidently a huge part of Capone’s life, especially jazz and opera. The story of Al Capone’s direct and significant involvement in the profusion of great jazz music flooding the Windy City during the Prohibition Era would be surprising news to the majority of the public. The fascinating revelation of Capone’s previously unknown but significant connection to music is further bolstered and validated by the surfacing of the sheet music for Madonna Mia, written by Al Capone.

The film is tentatively named, “Capone’s Treasure of the Heart,” but may be changed.  A historically accurate script has been written by Robert J. McCrea. Actors Lauren Pryce & Dave Perez will play Mae & Al Capone.  Learn more about the film at its website: http://www.caponestreasureoftheheart.com/


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